How to Go

Redang Island

Pulau Redang may be reached by flight from Subang Airport in Kuala Lumpur via Berjaya Air, which operates small turboprop planes that land on an airstrip south of the island. Flights are also available from Changi Airport in Singapore through the same operator, which caters mostly for guests staying at Redand Island Resort and Taaras Beach & Spa Resort but is open to all. From Kuala Lumpur or Singapore, there is a single flight daily. Once on the island, visitors who aren't staying at either of the two Berjaya-owned resorts have to arrange their own transfers with their respective hotels, which is usually a quick boat ride away to Pasir Panjang, Redang's main beach stretch.


From Kuala Lumpur, the quickest way by car is to access Karak Highway from Gombak, then travel the length of the East Coast Expressway to its exit at Kuala Terengganu, covering a distance of approximately 460km while passing by Temerloh, Kuantan, Chukai, Kerteh and Dungun. This should take between five and six hours on reasonably quick speed of travel. Express coaches and buses are available from major bus terminals in KL city, including Hentian Putra (primary station for east coast destinations), Hentian Puduraya, Hentian Duta and Pekeliling Bus Station. Once in Kuala Terengganu, visitors can proceed to Syahbandar Jetty directly at town (walking distance from bus terminal), or Merang Jetty about 30km up (taxi or local bus available).

Alternatively, it's possible to fly to Sultan Mahmud Airport in Kuala Terengganu from major airports around the country and Singapore, including Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT), then take a taxi to the nearest jetty. Flights are provided mostly by Malaysian Airlines (MAS) and AirAsia. From Singapore, visitors can ply the coastal road through Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi, Mersing, Pekan and Kuantan, then connect to Phase 2 of the East Coast Expressway to complete the journey to Kuala Terengganu or Merang. The total distance covered this way is about 570km.

Ferry Service

Syahbandar Jetty at Kuala Terengganu runs three trips daily (9am, 10.30am & 3pm) when in season (March-October) via public ferry, but more ferries are available from resort operators with their own schedule (usually early morning). The public ferry ticket takes about 90 minutes and caters mostly for guests that stay central portion of the island including Redang Island Resort and Taaras Beach & Spa Resort. At Merang about 30km north along the coast, most of the island's resorts have opened their own ferry counters which depart once or twice daily, taking about 45-60 minutes of travel with standardised prices throughout. Private speedboat charter is also available from local operators; usually around MYR500 for a boat that seats about ten passengers. Those driving cars can loadge their vehicles at public car parks near either jetty, for a rate of about MYR5 per day.